A Proposal to Get Pumped About! by: Beth Sullivan

Tradition speaks loudly when it comes to wedding shoes. They should be classy, feminine, and simple. But, a bride’s shoes are not limited anymore to stilettos, mules, and kitten heels in ivory or white satin. The future of flexibility is allowing brides to express themselves with clouds of colorful creations.

If I could only go back in time four years to my own wedding day, I would have loved to have walked down the aisle in a pair of fabulous, sparkling, peep toe pumps instead of my plain white satin heels! Let’s face it; white is, and always will be, timeless and classy. But these days it’s never been more fun to strut down the isle in some sassy, flashy, chic heels! And, what woman can say she simply doesn’t love shoes? Take the famous scene from Sex and the City the Movie, for example. Even Carrie Bradshaw is proposed to with a shoe! A Manolo Blahnik, none-the-less, but it’s no wonder this hot trend is around, and getting so much attention these days!

Modern wedding traditions are allowing for a more personal flare to your wedding. There is no reason why brides should restrain their individual styles! Wedding shoes provide opportunities and brides are welcome to take them. A wedding is, first and foremost, the bride’s day. She can proclaim her Nikes as her wedding shoes and no one is allowed to object or judge her. However, there are still some style “rules” you should try to stay true to if you are having a themed wedding. Here are some style suggestions from Sei Bella Image Consulting.

There are four basic themes; the fairy tale, the outdoor or garden, the beach, and the travel wedding.

The Fairy Tale Theme:

This is most popular for brides who want to be a princess, but still remain on the safe side. Try a beautiful, sparkly, colorful stiletto or pump, or even a dainty lace-up boot. These will look fabulous with fuller skirts, flashy tiaras, and/or sleeved dresses. If you’re going for the princess-look, stay away from sandals and wedges. These looks are inviting, but don’t necessarily compliment the image of the wedding. So, have fun with the colors, but stay true to your fairy tale theme.

Garden Wedding:

Spring or summer themes allow for dresses with light-weight materials. To complement the flow of the bridal dress, shoes should be airy and soft; like sandals. Pointy pumps and high heels can sink into the ground, and make for an uncomfortable day. But, jeweled slippers with beads and embellishments are fabulous choices. Your shoes for this theme should always be comfortable and relaxed to season the summery setting. I’ve also seen some bold brides with an outdoor theme attempt the cowboy boot look. There’s nothing like seeing a daring bride hike up her skirt to reveal a pair of classic cowboys with her romantic dress. There’s something to be said about her style, guts, and flare.

Beach Wedding:

Strappy heels and powerful pumps are out because of the sand. But, this makes for a highlighted opportunity to wear funky flip-flops and fun, flat thong sandals. Embellishments like rhinestones complement the beach vibe best. And, don’t forget to make the colors pop!

Travel-themed and Ethnic weddings:

These weddings are becoming popular with jetsetter couples. Star inspirations are Japanese, Arabian, and African cultures. A geisha-inspired dress merits wooden platforms, for example. You can even try a jewel-toned sexy, satin slipper with any of these looks.

Overall, the color-scheme is up to you. Finding a fun pop of color or sparkle to peek from under your gown will surely grab attention! Forget the rules when it comes to colors, and find a flare that’s all your own. Just try to stay true to the style and theme of your wedding. Another idea; try a more traditional shoe for your ceremony, and step into something uniquely yours for the reception! The possibilities are endless!

To see the behind the scenes look, just click the video below!

Production Manager/Wardrobe Stylist: Beth Sullivan, Sei Bella Image Consulting
Production Stylist/Set Design: Adair Currie, Dairing Events
Styling Assistant: Alix DeFarkas
Wardrobe & Shoes Provided by: Saks 5th Avenue, Off Fifth
Jewelry: Lia Sophia from Beth Sullivan
Purses: Sei Bella Private Collection by Beth Sullivan
Photographer: Vincent Pierce, Vincent Pierce Photography
Videographer: John Powers; Visual Power Cinema
Makeup: Michal May
Hair: Chudni B. of Daniel James Salon
Models: Julia Savage & Bobby Stockton
Location: The Closet Store

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