Is Pre-Marital Counseling Necessary for your Jacksonville Wedding?

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Jacksonville Weddings

You are ready to get married?  You are getting all the things needed to make your Jacksonville wedding special and memorable: the shower, the planning, the dress, the tuxedos, the venues, photographer, etc. All these things are important to make your wedding day special. But are you planning for 50 years from now? What are you doing to prepare your relationship for marriage? Preparing for the wedding is one thing.

Pre-Marital Counseling and education is not only necessary, but beneficial as research reveals that it will help prepare you for marriage and the long term health of your marriage. Did you know that the divorce rate of first marriages is 50%? But you can help undo that risk by attending a premarital counseling course or session with those trained to conduct premarital counseling.

Jacksonville Weddings

Photography By: Corinna Hoffman Photography

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