Local Jacksonville Wedding: Michelle and Jason!

Here is a sneak peek of a local Jacksonville fl wedding from Jacksonville Wedding Styles Online Magazine! We hope you get inspiration and find all your Jacksonville wedding services you need to make your day perfect.

The Bride’s Story:
He had planned to propose the morning we celebrated Christmas together December 18, 2010. I was so excited for him to get out of bed and walk in to the living room to see what was setting beside the tree (I got him a nice piece of luggage since he goes out of town so much). But all he wanted to do is take a shower and get ready so of course I thought he was trying to make me quit acting so giddy, but really he was planning the whole time how he was going to propose….

Jacksonvile Wedding, Jacksonville Weddings

 At the point he finally met me out in the living room I was mad and decided I was going to make him wait and make breakfast! Haha. We finally opened gifts and I decided to walk next door to our neighbor’s house and deliver homemade goodies. When I opened the door into our foyer area he was there waiting on me with a look on his face like something bad just happened!

I asked him what was wrong and he said nothing I have something for you and handed me a white box. I shook the box and the jewelry moved so I thought he had bought me another necklace. I thought to myself, well I guess he’s not proposing!! To my surprise when I opened it the ring was laying off to the side and I looked at him as he asked me to marry him.

If you would like to see the full wedding go to Tonya Beaver’s Blog.

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